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All-natural craft sauces made with only the finest ingredients.


The Legend of Wildcard

One day, while slaving away in corporate America, my brother Ryan and I decided we had enough. Ryan broke down in tears, it was hard to watch. While we had choices, the first of which was becoming gun-running, riverboat gambling, steam ship captains, we quickly realized that as cool as that sounds, we would have to do something we’re actually good at. Coming from an area generally known more for brunch and political grandstanding than barbecue, we knew we would have an uphill battle on our hands.

So we took to the road on our Vespas and tried to gather up as much intel as we could. We would bring the ideas and flavors of our travels to the people. Now, one complaint that we’ve run into everywhere we went, was that everyone has their own flavor of sauce they prefer. Instead of settling the issue with our fists, we decided to settle it with our brains. That day a glorious and magical idea was hatched, and we raised that pup into Wildcard Sauces. Melding specialty, locally sourced ingredients with the tastes and preferences of Joe American, we can help to bridge that gap. We enlisted the help of our family and friends and present to you the ever changing Wildcard Sauces, We seem to like it, and we think you will too.

Embrace the differences we all have; branch out, and dare I say, become a Wildcard yourself.