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Raleigh, NC 27606

All-natural craft sauces made with only the finest ingredients.


Shipping Info

We ship via Fedex but will try to accommodate specific carriers if necessary

Shipping will be carried out by Fedex, tracking numbers and delivery information will be sent directly to the email that you provide during checkout.  If you should need another carrier, please contact us directly and we will create a separate invoice for you(mostly for large orders).  

Q. What's Local Pickup?

A. Local Pickup is central to the Raleigh area and helps save you on shipping charges by allowing you to pickup the sauce from our location.  If you are inside the beltline we will deliver for free.  If not, just email us and we'll set up a meeting time.

Q. How long does shipping take?

A. We aim to get orders to their final destination within 2 weeks of purchase.  Any longer and you will be eating meat without sauce, and we just can't live in a world like that.  (Generally orders take less time than that, we're just doing a little CYA)

Q. What if the sauce breaks on the way?

A. We will need some evidence from you (picture will do so we can present to the shipper) and we'll send you some new stuff.  We will contact the shipper in this event to find out why they're trying to break all our stuff.