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All-natural craft sauces made with only the finest ingredients.

The Gunslinger


Our collection of sauces and saucy accessories!  Bring out your inner grillmaster and get to work!

The Gunslinger

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The Gunslinger


This little guy packs a bit of a punch, but after knocking you down it'll help you right back up into Tasty Town. We've layered the heat for you, so you get the burn but the sweetness cuts through it for maximum enjoyment. Too many sauces are hot for the sake of being hot- our Gunslinger uses the perfect combination of chile peppers to enhance the bold tangy and honey notes that are the hallmarks of Wildcard sauces. Prominently features Habanero, Chipotle, Ancho and Cayenne Pepper- think of it as a bit of starter course in the world of spices.

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